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Develop 100 has listed the 100 most bankable games development studios. The top ten include Blizzard Entertainment, Nintendo, Rockstar North, EA Canada, Capcom, Ubisoft Montreal, Treyarch, Infinity Ward, Epic Games and Bethesda Softworks. Swedish EA studio DICE is on the 64th, our partner Digital Chocolate on 68th and Islandic CCP on the 70th place. More info on the list can be found on the Develop Magazines own announcement of the listing.


Couple of weeks ago, a Finnish game researcher, Mirva Peltoniemi defended her dissertation at Tampere University of Technology, Finland at the Department of Business Information management and Logistics.

There has been couple of very interesting Finnish game research dissertations coming out this spring, but this one is especially relevant from the perspective of GaIn.

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The 2009 IGF Student Showcase winners have been announced. Included in the 10 winners are some very interesting games with fresh ideas and combinations of older ideas. Games such as City Rain which combines elements from Tetris type puzzle games with city building similar to Sim City, or The Unfinished Swan, a 3D maze game where players start out with a completely white view which they must splatter with black paint to uncover a path.

A news story with more details has been posted on Gamasutra.