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It’s been a long wait, but our report “Changing Faces of Game Innovation” is now available at University of Tampere digital library. The report is a whopping 376 pages of articles covering almost the whole 2,5 year research journey. We decided to share our thoughts and results on wide variety of issues, even when some thought processes are not yet in a final form. We also included descriptions of the tools and methods we developed or looked at during this time. We hope you enjoy the package!

If you are not that keen on reading or just busy, check out the “comic book” version “Questions and Answers (on Game Innovation)”. It introduces the research questions and conclusions of our articles, each as a one-page comic.

There is also a limited edition of physical copies available at Granum virtual book store. Order your copy of “Questions and Answers (on Game Innovation)” or “Changing Faces of Game Innovation” before they run out! They ship internationally!

It’s been a great project! Big Thank You belongs to the people and the companies who have helped us during this journey! Hopefully we’ll get to elaborate these issues in the future as well, as the project has raised at least as many new questions as it has answered. We also encourage others to pick up from where we left off and continue the work. There is so much to do!


GaIn project has officially ended and we are currently working on the publications and the final report, which will be available online during 2011. It’s been a busy spring: we got extended funding, have been finalizing the tools and methods and organizing the second Finnish Game Jam. It’s been a great project! Watch this space for follow-ups!

We have updated the references page with some interesting articles. Most of the listed articles at least one of our researchers have read and then introduced them for the whole research group. We have updated the list of games we have played.

Thank you for everyone participating in our game innovation process survey! The analysis is done and we are currently writing the report based on it. A reprint of the VNA ideation game has arrived, and to show our gratitude to all participants, we have sent one for each respondent of the survey (i.e. those who gave their postal address). The winner of the book prize has also been contacted and will receive the book in the near future. Congrats!

We have extended our d-line for You to part take to our study on Game Innovation Practices. Please contribute to the study and forward it within your network of game professionals. Act now, the survey will be closed on 28th of May 2010.

Read more about the benefits of participating here.