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We have launched our international Game Innovation Practices survey. The study will map out the most common approaches for idea generation and managing ideas within games industry. Everyone with a game development position (including indie developers) are encouraged to participate! Participants will be rewarded with the research report and a raffle. If you have been thinking about how to get your own copy of VNA brainstorming game, this may be your chance…

More information and the link to the survey can be found at our Survey page (

The survey will be closed on 14th of May 2010.


GaIn is proud to inform that the registration to FGJ is now open and can be found here.

Make sure to register early! The registration will be open until Monday, January 25th, 16:00. However, the participant number is limited and in case it is exceeded, the registering order is one criterion to select the participants. In addition, participants registering before 15th January get a free Finnish Game Jam t-shirt!

More information of the FGJ on and on the global event it is part of, Global Game Jam, from

Finnish Game Jam (FGJ) is part of the Global Game Jam 2010. Finland is taking part in the Global Game Jam for the first time this year with three locations: Helsinki, Tampere and Kajaani. Tampere location is organized by GaIn with the help of Demola and Score.

A Game Jam brings together both game development students and professionals to innovate new games in a single weekend. Global Game Jam is a worldwide event, in which several jams are organized all over the world at the same time. The event lasts 48 hours, starting on January 29 at 17:00 local time in each time zone.

The first GGJ was held in 2009 with over 1600 participants in 23 countries, producing 370 games. More information about the GGJ and examples of previous game jams and games can be found on the GGJ website, Finnish Game Jam details are found at new domain

During the Game Jam, GaIn will be conducting research on the development process, ideation and time-constrained creativity. We are interested how this approach could be developed into a method that can be tied into game companies innovation processes.

innovaationeukkari_infim2The Hypermedia Laboratory at the University of Tampere has been officially buried from the beginning of this year as we are fused into bigger complex with information studies. The name of the new department is Department of INFormation studies and Interactive Media (INFIM). But at the moment we are still spread into two locations at the university. During the summer there will be some moving and renovating to do as we are changing places with the Department of Mathematics.

As mathematicians are not that enthusiastic with our dynamic and collaboration driven office space, our rooms are renovated into more traditional ones as well as their space needs a small retouch before we move to their premises.

The game laboratory that we have had for a while is now moved into a bigger classroom, which gives us also possibilities for getting a playful meeting room connected to the laboratory. As one of the GaIn objectives is to study playful innovation methods in general, this is a good opportunity to plan a setting for data collection and experiments. Together with our department assistant Kati Koivu, we are planning the meeting room setting of the play(ful) room. Let’s see what we are able to build!

Mirva Peltoniemi dissertation “Industry Life-Cycle Theory in the Cultural Domain: Dynamics of the Games Industry” is now available online. You can access the book from The Library of Tampere University of Technology via this link: