innovaationeukkari_infim2The Hypermedia Laboratory at the University of Tampere has been officially buried from the beginning of this year as we are fused into bigger complex with information studies. The name of the new department is Department of INFormation studies and Interactive Media (INFIM). But at the moment we are still spread into two locations at the university. During the summer there will be some moving and renovating to do as we are changing places with the Department of Mathematics.

As mathematicians are not that enthusiastic with our dynamic and collaboration driven office space, our rooms are renovated into more traditional ones as well as their space needs a small retouch before we move to their premises.

The game laboratory that we have had for a while is now moved into a bigger classroom, which gives us also possibilities for getting a playful meeting room connected to the laboratory. As one of the GaIn objectives is to study playful innovation methods in general, this is a good opportunity to plan a setting for data collection and experiments. Together with our department assistant Kati Koivu, we are planning the meeting room setting of the play(ful) room. Let’s see what we are able to build!