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Thank you for everyone participating in our game innovation process survey! The analysis is done and we are currently writing the report based on it. A reprint of the VNA ideation game has arrived, and to show our gratitude to all participants, we have sent one for each respondent of the survey (i.e. those who gave their postal address). The winner of the book prize has also been contacted and will receive the book in the near future. Congrats!


Annakaisa Kultima will present a research paper at Games Innovation Conference (GIC) 2010, Hong Kong December 21 – 23, 2010:

Kultima, A. & Alha, K.. ““Hopefully everything I’m doing has to do with innovation” Games industry professionals on innovation in 2009″.

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Here is something for you on your summer holidays. It is the view of GamePro of 20 most innovative games for past 20 years. It is heavily game-mag-biased, but interesting in any case.

Annakaisa Kultima presented two research papers at Future Play 2010 Conference, Vancouver May 6 – 7, 2010:

Kultima, A.  “The Organic Nature of Game Ideation: Game Ideas Arise from Solitude and Mature by Bouncing”

Kultima, A. & Stenros, J. “Designing Games for Everyone: The Expanded Game Experience Model”

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We have extended our d-line for You to part take to our study on Game Innovation Practices. Please contribute to the study and forward it within your network of game professionals. Act now, the survey will be closed on 28th of May 2010.

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