Annakaisa Kultima will present a research paper at Games Innovation Conference (GIC) 2010, Hong Kong December 21 – 23, 2010:

Kultima, A. & Alha, K.. ““Hopefully everything I’m doing has to do with innovation” Games industry professionals on innovation in 2009″.

The paper presents the results of an interview study concerning innovation attitudes of game developers. The study indicates interesting division of opinions within the industry. Even though the industry is seemingly maturing, more systematic and instrumentalist views towards innovation are rising, at the same time artistic and pessimistic views are also present. As the games industry is evolving simultaneously into essentially different directions, the innovation perspectives seem to vary accordingly. In total, seven different attitude profiles arose: artists, universalists, followers, evangelists, nihilists, instrumentalists, and scarecrows.

The article will be cited in both IEEExplore and Engineering Index.