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Dino Dini, probably most known as the creator of Kick Off, a Football (soccer) game in the 16-bit era, is now a lecturer at the IGAD programme of NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, and teaches Game Programming. He was at GDCE 2009 talking about how constraints give form to a design and how it is important for a game to keep it’s integrity.

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Suda 51, from Grasshopper Manufacture, the “Video Game Band”, was at Nordic Game to talk about how different influences affected the development of their game No More Heroes. Those influences were from movies, anime, other games and certain personalities.

The presentation consisted of Suda going through those influences, explaining what their effect was and then for many of them, showing a video clip. Showing videos turned out to be a good way to keep things rolling as the presentation needed to be translated from Japanese to English.

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The 2009 IGF Student Showcase winners have been announced. Included in the 10 winners are some very interesting games with fresh ideas and combinations of older ideas. Games such as City Rain which combines elements from Tetris type puzzle games with city building similar to Sim City, or The Unfinished Swan, a 3D maze game where players start out with a completely white view which they must splatter with black paint to uncover a path.

A news story with more details has been posted on Gamasutra.