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Develop 100 has listed the 100 most bankable games development studios. The top ten include Blizzard Entertainment, Nintendo, Rockstar North, EA Canada, Capcom, Ubisoft Montreal, Treyarch, Infinity Ward, Epic Games and Bethesda Softworks. Swedish EA studio DICE is on the 64th, our partner Digital Chocolate on 68th and Islandic CCP on the 70th place. More info on the list can be found on the Develop Magazines own announcement of the listing.


GaIn Tampere team travelled last week to Malmö, Sweden to get a glance of game industry approaches to innovation and game development @ Nordic Game Conference 2009. At the conference site we continued our data collection and were able to record quite a few new interviews. We will continue conducting the interviews at GDC Europe in August, as well as contacting the rest of our interview candidates from GDC09 and Nordic Game 09 on the following weeks.

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Couple of weeks ago, a Finnish game researcher, Mirva Peltoniemi defended her dissertation at Tampere University of Technology, Finland at the Department of Business Information management and Logistics.

There has been couple of very interesting Finnish game research dissertations coming out this spring, but this one is especially relevant from the perspective of GaIn.

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Ian Fish has put up an article for Gamasutra about common pitfalls in game design processes.

These include:

1. Not Structuring Time For Game Playing
2. Placing Too Much Importance On Paper Designs
3. Peer Review Not Taken Seriously
4. Decision-Maker Picked For His Producer Skills
5. Not Taking Advantage Of Placeholders
6. Allowing The Story To Control The Game Design
7. Not Giving Designers Enough Tools
8. Entering Production Without Something Fun
9. Not Keeping Design Documentation Up-To-Date
10. Not Making Outside Playtests Part Of The Process

Even though this is only one opinion and we may not agree with all of these points, the summary is very interesting.  Especially time allocation for gameplay, or more precisely idea research, and point 9 are worth to examine for.

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We have started our first data collection in last month at Game Developers Conference 2009. The interview study that we ignited is about the views of acknowledged game professionals concerning games and innovation. We are inquiring the first impressions of the topic, future perspectives, trends and ideal tools. Data collection continues at Nordic Game 2009 and probably also at GDC Europe next autumn. Our goal is to map out the general view of our research topic to reiterate and support our more detailed research questions.