Mirror's_EdgeThe Creative Director of DICE, Lars Gustavsson was talking on behalf of the designers of critically acclaimed Mirrors Edge and the studio’s approach towards innovation at the Nordic Game 2009 conference. The presentation was titled as “Innovation – Making the Leap of Faith” (Lars Gustavsson, DICE (SE)).

In the beginning of the presentation Lars Gustavsson was describing the studios design philosophy as “suicidal approach of making games: Let’s do something that no one has done before”. This applied also with Mirror’s Edge. According to Gustavsson the innovation and risks in the Mirror’s Edge were: introducing a new heroine Faith, game being 1st person platforming adventure and fresh art direction of the game. The innovation paid of, since the game has been a commercial success as well as praised by the critics. This years Nordic Game 2009 the bold approach of the studio was also rewarded with first positions in two categories of Nordic Game Awards:

  • Best Nordic Game: Mirror’s Edge by EA DICE
  • Best Artistic Achievement: Mirror’s Edge by EA DICE

Gustavsson revealed that it was the prototype that sparked the idea of Mirror’s Edge. The direction was set to “enhanced experience in an urban environment”. Other inspiration sources included movies and other games, such as Casino Royale and Prince of Persia. Most obvious source was of course the parkour subculture itself. The art direction slowly evolved from the white room prototype. Faith’s world was all about white and slightly clinical surroundings.

At the end of the presentation Gustavsson made the statement that we should keep on innovating despite the economical crisis. There is no reason not to innovate, as well as there is no contradiction between execution and innovation. The sum of the package is itself an innovation. Gustavsson ended his speech in a poetic, perhaps even slightly sugary manner with a reference to Mirror’s Edge: “In the end, making a game is about making the leap of faith!”